This website opened in winter 2012 and is run by Mark Tudose, aka The Spoonman. Mark is a carver of traditional wooden spoons and other wooden objects. In addition to his own intricate artwork, the website offers traditionally made icons, embroidered fabrics, ceramics, and other Romanian folk art items made by Mark's colleagues.

For those looking for authentic Romanian folk art, this websites is one of the best option. You will be told the stories and legends behind each motif on the spoon or other object. Mark possesses a wealth of information related to Romanian traditions and is always eager to provide visitors with more than just an item - he will give them a story as well.

On top of all that, the shop is environmentally friendly and strives to provide, instead of plastic bags, simple homemade paper-and-string bags, so that the beautiful items are ready to be presented as gifts immediately upon purchase.

If you’ll visit Sighisoara you can find his Gallery.

The shop is located in the basement of the House on the Rock building, which is one of the main buildings on the main square of the citadel. Easy to locate, the building says (in English) "House on the Rock" and "International Cafe." Simply enter and go down the stairs to find the entrance to the Arts, Crafts, and Tea shop.
English and Romanian spoken.

The atmosphere of the shop, quality of the craftsmanship and legends behind the designs make Art, Crafts and Tea one of the best places for souvenirs in Romania.

Julie Dawson